Research Thesis

“High Tech – Low Life” Arampatzi Α. – Christaki Μ.

“Architecture and Animation” Vikeloudas V.

“Gaming and Urban Experience” Roidos V.

“Conceiving the Immaterial” Floros Α.

“Building within Building” Stivachtaris I., Tsetine I.

“Critical Review – Presentation of Historic Mining Complexes, Under Rehabilitation, Reuse and Protection” Prasini Μ. – Roma-Athanasiadou C. – Stavridou Ν.

“Recording and critical presentation of the modern interventions in the Upper Town compared to the existing traditional building stock.” Stamatiou D.

“Nothing/Something” Kousoula S. – Panagiotopoulou M.

“Theory of Restoration and Integration of Buildings in a Historical Environment. Case Study of Neues Museum in Berlin.” Kerteni Α.

“Aldo van Eyck’s Playgrounds” Karailanidou V.